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Want to learn more about controlled substance compliance or inventory management? Or, maybe you just need to quickly download some resources. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. CUBEX is the leader in inventory automation and provides resources to help practices better manage manual logging.

CUBEX Partners with Not One More Vet – Announcing the “CUBEX Cares” Initiative

CUBEX is honored to partner with Not One More Vet to play its part in addressing mental health struggles in the Veterinary Profession

CUBEX LLC Automates The Prescription Monitoring Program Submission Process For Veterinarians, Improving Productivity and Compliance

CUBEX, LLC, the leading provider of pharmacy and supply management technology to the animal health market, announced the introduction of CubexPMP, unique software that automates the Prescription Monitoring Program recording and submission process for veterinarians; saving time, improving accuracy and reducing risk.

Smart Inventory Cabinets: Trend of the 2020s

It may seem harmless or even smart to have a lot of excess stock, but  manual inventory is a drag in more ways than you might think. We fully automated our inventory ten years ago  and haven’t looked back; in retrospect, there are three reasons smart inventory cabinets have really made sense for us at Saint Francis Veterinary Center, and why they seem poised to be come one of the trends of the coming decade.

Someone Has Stolen My Controlled Substances! Now What?

Experiencing an internal or external theft or significant loss of controlled substances from your practice can elicit all types of emotions; from anger, to fear to betrayal. It’s hard to imagine how you can find the time or resources to deal with a controlled substance issue, when you must manage your practice, see patients, perform surgery and deal with HR issues all day long.

Controlling Your Controlled Substance Costs – Improving Profits in Your Veterinary Practice

One of the newest members of the CUBEX team is Jan Woods, Professional Services and Regulatory Affairs Manager. With increased compliance regulations and inventory management standards, veterinary practices are being challenged to update processes. Jan’s background and expertise allow her to mentor clinics on compliance best practices.

Jan shares her insights and expertise on managing controlled substance costs in veterinary practices.

Fixing a Leaky Bucket: Improving Veterinary Practice Profitability through Inventory Management

Do you know how much daily revenue your veterinary practice is losing? Do you know how to fill those revenue gaps? The economics of a veterinary practice can be difficult to understand, but a simple metaphor helps us better understand ways to increase profitability. Think of the size of your veterinary practice as a bucket, the hose filling the bucket as revenue, and the ladles removing water from the bucket as costs.

Why Your PIMS is Costing Your Practice Lost Revenue

After more than 20 years in inventory management, CUBEX recognizes that, regardless of type and size of practice, a comprehensive solution is required. While most veterinary practices who utilize their PIMS for inventory management believe this is an effective solution, those practices still can realize additional 5-10% net income with the implementation of a CUBEX solution.

6 Controlled Substance Mistakes Your Veterinary Clinic is Probably Making

Barbara Hersh, Veterinary Operations Manager at CUBEX, started her career as a veterinary surgical nurse and inventory supervisor. Today, she helps veterinary clinics improve their controlled drug management, meet DEA compliance, and increase profit margin.

A Business in a Business—Optimizing Your Practice with Veterinary Inventory Management

With 20 years of helping companies maximize profits through inventory management, CUBEX CEO Anton Visser shares his perspective on the challenges facing veterinary practice owners and veterinary staff, and what’s ahead for the veterinary market.

Meet Barbara Hersh: A First-Hand View on the Importance of Inventory Management

Barbara Hersh, Veterinary Operations Manager at CUBEX, works with veterinary hospitals every day to implement and support their critical inventory management. As a former veterinary surgical nurse and inventory supervisor, Barbara first got to know CUBEX when she was charged with implementing and managing the CUBEX system in the four facilities at Sage Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care.