PHOENIX (PRWEB) JULY 30, 2019                                                                                                                                                                           

Are there struggles with mental health in the veterinary profession? Not One More Vet has recognized this issue, and has taken an active effort to directly address it. Started by Nicole McArthur, DVM as a Facebook group, NOMV gained momentum and today is a fully credentialed 501c that provides an open forum for veterinarians struggling with mental health issues. CUBEX, with its unique proximity to the controlled substances that so often provide a means for self-harm, is committing resources from every sale to NOMV’s ongoing effort to help those in the profession who need it.

CUBEX’s President of Veterinary Sales, Joe Faiella, spearheaded this partnership with NOMV. Passionate about making a positive impact, he states, “All of us who are privileged to work in this incredible profession owe our livelihoods to veterinarians, their technicians and members of their support staff. CUBEX is in a unique position to help since our products are so closely tied to narcotics safety, and we are happy and humbled to do our part in protecting our veterinary community.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, male veterinarians are 2.1 times as likely as the general population to die by suicide, while female veterinarians are 3.5 times as likely. Along with high student debt, there are other drivers of this worsening crisis. Low average compensation, long working hours and compassion fatigue, as well as the increasing suicide rate overall, make the need for the Not One More Vet platform even more pressing.

These sobering statistics illustrate the need for Veterinarians to have a safe place to discuss issues that may be plaguing their everyday lives. “My goal for Not One More Vet is to provide a completely safe and unbiased space for Veterinarians to speak with their peers regarding concerns in their profession,” said Nicole McArthur, DVM. The once small group now contains over 18,000 members and is growing.

How can CUBEX help? Secure CUBIE pockets outfitted for controlled substance management eliminate the risk of practice diversion and inaccurate log book recording. Each CUBEX solution is also readily enabled with a feature that requires a “witness” for every transaction that allows a practitioner to gain access to a medication that is addictive and/or lethal in nature. The “4 Eyes Save Lives system,” coined by Dr. Andy Roark of is a policy that outlines the need for two individuals to be present when accessing these medications. This system was developed to alleviate the number of suicides as it relates to mental health struggles in the Veterinary space.

CUBEX is honored to partner with Not One More Vet to play its part in addressing this pressing issue in the Veterinary Profession. Starting July 1st 2019, on an indefinite basis, CUBEX will pledge a portion of each CUBEX solution sold in the veterinary industry to the Not One More Vet organization.


About Not One More Vet

Not One More Vet is an online veterinary support group. The group was founded in 2014 by Dr. Nicole McArthur and became a 501c3 registered charity in 2017. NOMV has grown to include a grant program, educational programs and will soon be launching an online screening and peer support program in partnership with the Veterinary Social Work program at the University of Tennessee. Learn more at


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