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We’re passionate about the veterinary industry and strive to help practices address common issues and concerns when it comes to narcotics safety and inventory management. With CUBEX, you’ll receive much more than just a product. You’re met by a company who wants to see your practice grow and succeed, while improving the overall safety for your staff and patients. We’ll work closely together to create the perfect solution for your practice, ensuring your staff has the proper training and no question or concern is left unanswered.

  • Full practice solutions
  • On-site staff training
  • Single item access
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Streamlined workflow
  • More capacity
  • Optimized ordering
  • Reduced risk
  • Greater control
  • Tangible results

Full Practice Solutions For A Healthy Business

We focus on three main areas to improve the health of any veterinary practice: profitability, safety, and efficiency. Our solutions were created to address common issues and concerns many veterinary practices face.

Maximize Profitability | CUBEX

Maximize Profitability

$25,000 per doctor, per year. That’s what manual billing errors cost the average practice per doctor. With our integrated approach of hardware and software solutions, we consistently capture missed charges to help avoid human errors, waste, and theft—ultimately increasing the profitability of your practice.

  • Fewer missed charges
  • Reduced overstock of inventory
  • Better spend visibility
  • Business intelligence reports

According to AAHA, manual protocols miss ~17% of client charges or $25,000 in lost profit per doctor, per year.

25-30% of practice revenue comes from pharmacy and supply, a business within a business.

Managing commonly missed treatment injectables like Cerenia, can add $45 per doctor per day in revenue.

Maximize Safety | CUBEX

Maximize Safety

When controlled substances are misused, they are a danger to patients, staff, and the practice itself. Our smart cabinet solutions provide additional safety features to secure and monitor medications. They also inform your staff of the quantity that should be removed from the drawer, ensuring every dose administered is the right dose.

  • Fingerprint ID access
  • Controlled access drawers
  • Witness requirement (optional)
  • Blind count backs
  • Single item access

12% of veterinarians have uncovered Opioid use or diversion among veterinary staff members.

According to the CDC, veterinarians are up to 4x more likely to commit suicide from easy access to lethal narcotics.

Penalties from state boards can include license suspension or revocation.

Maximize Efficiency | CUBEX

Maximize Efficiency

Labor-intensive processes like inventory tracking, counting, and supply ordering take time away from what matters most—patient care. Our suite of solutions and smart cabinets eliminate labor-intensive processes like inventory tracking and automatically create re-ordering requests when stock is low.

  • Automated inventory and DEA logs
  • Automated re-ordering
  • Eliminated loss from errors
  • Reduced overstock of inventory

Time with patients is the number one driver of practice profit—$233 in revenue per hour, per veterinarian on average.

Manual inventory counts and re-orders can require 2-3 hours per week of staff time.

Federal law requires all transactions to be logged for controlled substances

(Schedule 1-5).

Calculate Your Savings with CUBEX

Our solutions virtually eliminate missed charges and reduce theft and overuse, resulting in $25,000 or more in additional revenue per doctor, per year. Use our calculator below to receive a free estimate of how much CUBEX could be saving your practice.

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Your Added Revenue Could Be:

Three type of solutions

*Pricing and saving estimates apply to North American customers only. The figures above represent an estimate based on industry trends.