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Why CUBEX For Groups

With CUBEX, risk management is a profit center, not a cost. We’re dedicated to protecting the people, practice, and profit of all veterinary practices, but our corporate group programs offer a special benefit to enterprise customers of all sizes. Keep reading to learn how CUBEX can maximize the safety, efficiency, and profitability of your hospital group.

Increase Your EBITDA

To increase your EBITDA, simply collect all of the revenue you’re already earning. On average, $25,000 per DVM is lost in Veterinary practices every year due to human error in pharmacy revenue collection (missed charges), as well as inventory waste and shrinkage. CUBEX smart cabinets can recover that profit for your practice, driving a far higher EBIDTA and a much higher enterprise value as a result. Consider the following example:

A 20-practice group with a total of 50 DVMs (FTE) decides to automate their inventory with CUBEX smart cabinets.

  • 50 DVMs * $25,000 = $1.25M per year in additional EBITDA, or $62,500 per location
  • CUBEX drives an additional $8.75M in equity value for the group, or $437,500 average per location, assuming a sale price of seven times EBITDA (average in 2019)
CUBEX IQ: CUBEX Corporate Groups


When it comes to information, scaling data across dozens, or even hundreds of practices, can be a daunting task. Fortunately, CUBEX IQ has been built from the ground up as an enterprise-class business intelligence hub, featuring functionality with real-world value for corporate customers:

  • Monitor each site’s compliance with controlled substance protocols and alert management to discrepancies immediately.
  • Manage inventory levels by standardizing across regions or groups, or by varying them for each site
  • Measure seasonality and other predictable variances in optimum inventory with AI-assisted recommendations
AutoPMP Dashboard: CUBEX Corporate Groups


Until recently, veterinarians have been exempted from reporting controlled substance prescriptions to the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). Now, with more and more states requiring veterinary practices to begin reporting controlled substances prescriptions, managing multi-state practices can bring its challenges, including knowing which practices need to report and which don’t. CubexPMP can help lessen the burden of submitting time consuming, tedious, and difficult PMP reports.

  • Seamless aggregation of all required information from different sources
  • Automatic upload of each report, at whatever frequency is required by regulatory guidelines
  • Cloud-based storage of all reports submitted through the system
CUBEX MiniPlus: CUBEX Corporate Groups

CUBEX MiniPlus

The CUBEX MiniPlus is an all-in-one, narcotics safety solution that keeps your staff safe from the misuse of controlled substances while recovering missed charges for treatment injectables. With DEA compliant active and back stock storage capabilities, you’re able to store items ranging from controlled substances to surgical implants, all in one location. Charges are applied to patient invoices and inventory levels are automatically updated, reducing the risk of human error.

  • Full Controlled substance storage, both working and back stock
  • Fingerprint ID access
  • Automated narcotics logs
  • Access to medications in 15 seconds
  • Single item access for maximized security
  • Integrates with most industry practice information management systems
  • Over $13,000 per year in recovered revenue (on average) per doctor

How It Works

With the CUBEX MiniPlus, your practices can have uniform controlled substance protocols, while being monitored and managed by the corporate office for truly maximized safety across each location. See it in action below.

Maximize The Health of Your Practices Today

With CUBEX IQ, CubexPMP, and the CUBEX MiniPlus, you’ll have access to real-time data, automated PMP reporting, and secure controlled substance inventory management across multiple veterinary practices. To get started, complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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