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How It Works

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

Do More With CUBEX

This is your practice, and the people in it count on you to keep it healthy. A controlled substance handling fee of $3 can keep your practice whole on the time and money required to safely store and manage these dangerous drugs. All by itself, adding this fee can more than cover the cost of CUBEX solutions.

  • Full practice solutions
  • On-site staff training
  • Single item access
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Streamlined workflow
  • More capacity
  • Optimized ordering
  • Reduced risk
  • Greater control
  • Tangible results

How Our Products Work

Dispensed Medication In 15 Seconds

With our easy to use smart cabinets and software, CUBEX helps you get the work out of the way up front, so you can focus on patient care instead of worrying about logs or reconciling charges.


Enable Fingerprint ID

Secure Log In

With fingerprint ID, you can track who dispensed what medication.


Witness Check-In

For certain controlled substances, you have the option of requiring a second user to log in and validate the record.


Select Patient and Medication

Select a Patient

A list of patients checked into the practice will be sent from your practice management system to your CUBEX cabinet. You can then browse the list of patients and select one from the list to administer medication to.


Choose from Approved Medications and Quantities

After you select a patient, only prescribed medications or ordered items will be visible under each patient file. From the list, you can select the items you’d like to dispense.


Remove Item from Controlled Access Compartment

Call a Witness (Optional)

For certain items, you have the option to require another user to witness the transaction. Usually reserved for controlled substances, this feature dramatically increases safety in an environment where drug diversion and veterinary suicide is becoming increasingly common. Most experts and thought leaders, including Dr. Andy Roark, recommend this feature for Schedule II controlled substances at the very least.

Controlled Access Drawer & Compartment Automatically Open

For each medication selected, a single drawer will automatically slide open, and within that drawer, a single, double locked compartment (we refer to as Cubies) will pop open. This single item access makes CUBEX solutions the most secure solutions on the market.


Remove Pre-Determined Quantity

Retrieve Item From Controlled Access Compartment

Remove the item from the double locked compartment and dispense the indicated quantity. For medications, this means removing the vial or bottle, drawing up the indicated amount via syringe or dispensing the proper number of pills.


Place Item Back in Controlled Access Compartment

Replace and Close

Once you’ve retrieved the necessary medication for your patient, place the container back into the secure compartment, close the lid, and slide the drawer closed.


Repeat Until Finished

If there are additional items to dispense, the CUBEX solution you’re working off of will guide you through a repeat of steps 3-5.


Complete Transaction and Log Out

Billing Happens Automatically

After all medications are dispensed, return to the home screen to log out. The billing is automatically sent over to the practice management system.

Our Training Team | CUBEX Veterinary Inventory Management

Training and Support

Hands-on installation and staff trainings are provided with every new CUBEX solution you bring into your practice. For specific solutions, like the CUBEX Mini and CUBEX MiniPlus, a comprehensive series of remote video sessions are planned for and administered, ensuring all staff members are able to attend and learn about their new narcotics safety solution. For larger installations, including the CUBEX Preferred Partnership, training is provided by a team of onsite installation professionals.