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Starts at $25/Month


Starts at $25/Month

On average, the pharmacy and supply areas are responsible for bringing in 30% of total revenue for a practice, which means that overstocked items, expired medications, and unaccounted for supply directly impact your practice’s profitability.

CUBEX IQ is an upgraded business intelligence software suite that reports real-time trends across the practice, from specific areas like the pharmacy, or from the entire group. With a custom dashboard for each user, our data visualization allows you to take quick action within your problem areas.

Starting at $25 per month, per location, CUBEX IQ is the perfect way to start using advanced business intelligence for inventory management.

Business Features

  • Maximize safety with an additional layer of controlled substance compliance
  • Maximize efficiency by reducing inventory of lingering items
  • Maximize profitability by knowing where sales are coming from

CUBEX IQ is more than business intelligence, it’s an opportunity to see the core of your business—areas of efficiency, areas of profitability, and areas that are in need of quick changes. Dull spreadsheets created by standard practice management systems often fall into abandoned piles, never providing real insights. In contrast, CUBEX IQ comes with real-time dashboards and dynamic data visualization tools that provide clarity of purpose to what, how, and when you should buy; in addition to who is responsible for your most powerful medications, and where others may be lax in standards.


CUBEX IQ Features

  • Optimal recommended ordering, using hospital’s historical sales (forecasting) or min/max
  • View cycle count performance and discrepancy trends
  • Real-time shrink reporting, alerts, and action recommendations
  • Slow moving items reports
  • Supply expiration management

The Process

With CUBEX IQ, accessing data and reports is as easy as signing in and selecting what you want to view. Complete control is on your hands and dynamic data visualization tools help you see your practice data come alive in ways you never have before.

Log into myQLink
Select CUBEX IQ in the menu
Choose dashboard, report, or other data tools you would like to see

Maximize the Health of Your Practice Today

With CUBEX IQ, you’ll have access to real-time data and a customizable dashboard that provides you with valuable insights for your practice. To get started, complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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