PHOENIX, June 21, 2021

CUBEX, LLC, the leader in pharmacy and supply management technology within the animal health sector, has formed a first-of-its-kind agreement with Covetrus, a global animal health technology and services company.  Covetrus will become an authorized reseller for CUBEX solutions, adding on popular products such as CUBEX MiniPlus and QBud to its ever-widening selection of goods and services. Covetrus will also offer attractive financing and rebate programs on CUBEX that are not available elsewhere.

Automated dispensing systems—cabinets with computer-controlled, individually locked compartments for medications—are standard-of-care in human hospitals, and have gradually become more commonplace in animal hospitals as owners find that missed charges, overuse, and theft of inventory can be mitigated by automation. CUBEX can also replenish items through the Covetrus ecommerce platform when they reach a designated minimum stocking level, ensuring these items remain in-stock on practice shelves. Controlled substances are often the first items within the practice placed into an automated dispensing cabinet, followed by treatment injectables and other items at a high risk for missed revenue.

Providing veterinary practices with the best available solutions for controlled substance safety is paramount. CUBEX’s ability to manage the entire pharmacy, creating a modern inventory system that is stocked with Covetrus product and that auto-replenishes when stock runs low, is a potential game-changer. For customers interested in truly automating their pharmacy and capturing all medication charges, there are new, attractive options available through this agreement.

Anton Visser, co-founder and CEO of CUBEX, shared his perspective. “This partnership marks a turning point for CUBEX, giving us the ability to reach the entire market through Covetrus’ robust sales team, while also giving customers going ‘all-in’ with CUBEX a whole new way to fund the solution. During my career I’ve seen automated dispensing become pervasive in MRO, contract manufacturing, and human healthcare, and with Covetrus as a partner, there’s no doubt veterinary medicine will soon follow.”


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