PHOENIX, AZ (September 13, 2018) – CUBEX LLC introduces CUBEX Tower, a comprehensive solution for secure storage and management of opioids and other controlled substances in veterinary medicine. High-capacity storage and security for critical medications, with automated logging of controlled substance transactions for state and federally mandated reporting.

CUBEX, LLC, the leading provider of pharmacy and supply management technology to the animal health market, announced the introduction CUBEX®Tower, a solution for veterinarians looking to reduce the legal and financial risks associated with opiods and other controlled substances, while also driving profit through reduction of missed charges. Similar to CUBEX Mini, its sister product, CUBEX Tower offersautomated, biometric, DEA-compliant safeguards for storage of narcotics and other medications, alongside bi-directional integration with most practice software systems, and is available through a subscription, with no capital purchase required. As a free-standing unit as opposed to countertop-style device, CUBEX Tower offers over three times the storage of CUBEX Mini while maintaining the same compact footprint.

“The opioid epidemic is driving two tends the CUBEX Tower is built to solve,” said Anton Visser, co-founder and CEO of CUBEX. “First, CUBEX Tower automates the security and documentation required for narcotics management, which is critical now that federal and state authorities have zeroed in on veterinary practices as being at-risk for diversion. Second, since controlled substances are so frequently on backorder, practices are stocking up when they can. CUBEX Tower has a generous amount of space for ‘inactive’ or back stock of controlled drugs, in order to accommodate that need.’

Amid an increase in opiod abuse nationally, diversion of drugs such as tramadol and fentanyl by veterinary employees has attracted the attention of the DEA and state regulatory boards, leading to an uptick in audit frequency. Additionally, an increasing number of state-run PMPs (Prescription Management Programs) have expanded their requirements to include veterinarians, adding an additional reporting burden.

‘We chose CUBEX Tower because it has enough space to store all of our controlled substances, including back stock, but at the same time it has a very compact footprint.’ Said Dr. Alan Knott, co-owner of Animal Care Hospital of Clifton Park. ‘It’s the perfect balance. Automated dispensing and logging of medications is much safer, more accurate, and easier for everyone, and CUBEX is the right partner for us.’

CUBEX Tower is available now through a simple monthly subscription. Visit to learn more, or call 480-470-3284 to schedule a demo.

About Cubex®

Cubex® is a global provider of health care products and services that helps practices measurably reduce the total cost of ownership associated with pharmacy and supplies. The company develops market-leading technologies including Cubex SupplyBank automated dispensing systems, Cubex MedFlex and MedBank narcotic management stations, QBud wireless access devices, and the myQLink web-hosted software and business intelligence application. For more information on Cubex, please visit