PHOENIX, AZ (July 18, 2018) – WellHaven was founded on the principle that you can’t have one without the other. A new partnership with CUBEX—the industry leader in inventory management solutions—elevates WellHaven Pet Health hospital operating efficiency, increases practice safety, helps teams succeed, and ultimately, improves quality of life for pets and veterinarians.

Each WellHaven practice will be centered on the CUBEX inventory management system. Replete with front-of-the-pack technology and cloud-based software, CUBEX uses predictive analytics and re-ordering automation to save heaps of time in paperwork and logistics.

“For us, pet health comes first, and we achieve this by putting top technology and resources in the hands of our principal doctors,” stated WellHaven Managing Partner, Thomas Reuss. “We’re excited to partner with CUBEX—they bring perspective and hard work that makes a difference.”

Another valuable benefit is the skyrocketing of safety and compliance as identity verification ensures that the right person withdraws the right dosage at the right time. CUBEX will outfit each practice with DEA-compliant storage and dispensary equipment for managing these controlled substances.

“WellHaven is building sophisticated technology into their foundation, and setting a high industry standard while they’re at it,” stated CUBEX CEO Anton Visser. “We’re proud to kick off this relationship that is sure to strengthen over time.”

About WellHaven Pet Health

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About Cubex®

Cubex® is a global provider of health care products and services that helps practices measurably reduce the total cost of ownership associated with pharmacy and supplies. The company develops market-leading technologies including Cubex SupplyBank automated dispensing systems, Cubex MedFlex and MedBank narcotic management stations, QBud wireless access devices, and the myQLink web-hosted software and business intelligence application. For more information on Cubex, please visit