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Accessible from anywhere at any time

Our software options are designed to help your practice fully automate what typically would be labor-intensive manual tracking. Every software that sends or receives patient information is HIPPA compliant and keeps an accurate and real-time count of inventory levels. Reports are always available and DEA logs are kept up to date, reducing your risk for infractions for insufficient reporting. Automating labor-intensive tasks like these allow you to spend more time with patients and help run your practice more efficiently.

Software Integration

We offer a complete, cloud-based solution that’s compatible with most practice management and supply chain software solutions including AviMark, IDEXX, Infinity, EzyVet, Covetrus, MWI, Patterson, and more.

Our systems transfer patient ADT and profile information as well as medication billing, supply billing, and usage data. We also provide interfaces that allow Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with many healthcare suppliers. This enables you to place quicker orders, resulting in timely restocking of medications and supplies.

  • Increased security and control of medications, controlled substances, and general supplies
  • Improved accuracy of medication administration, dosage control, expiration management, DEA compliance, and overall patient care efficiencies
  • Automated charge capture
  • Electronic ordering to suppliers

We're Compatible With Other Major Systems

Smart Flow Patient Management System: CUBEX Demonstration

DVMAX: CUBEX Demonstration

ezyVet: CUBEX Demonstration

IDEXX Cornerstone: CUBEX Demonstration