No need to wait.  Upgrade today!

No need to wait. Upgrade today!

Tired of mauve?  Now is the time to upgrade your equipment.

  • Upgrade legacy equipment
    • Old style “PIE” drawers converted to CUBIE containers.
    • Old computer hardware upgraded via Power Brain Module.
    • Windows 7 to Windows 10 support for enhanced security.
  • Expand storage solutions to increase charge capture and cover drugs of concern.
    • Add a chassis to your CUBEX Mini.
    • Expand and cover your full pharmacy with the CUBEX Flex.
    • Add additional units to gain further inventory control with CUBEX SupplyBank 1100 & 2100.

The speed that will give you peace of mind.  All renewals include hardware and software support.

Our new hardware components include a solid state hard drive for increased performance.  3X processor performance and 9x memory performance.  Also, with CUBEX renewal, your support is included in your monthly payments.  You have the option to add components during your term if you decide that space is too limited.

It’s all covered by your monthly payment:

  • The CUBEX Hardware w/ Software and Warranty
  • Sign-and-Go agreement (No upfront costs)
  • Software upgrades included
  • 24hr phone support
  • MyQLink Cloud-based reporting software
  • Integration with PiMS(when available) and our partner vendors(Covetrus, MWI, Patterson) through CUBEX Connect

We are looking forward to continuing to support your hospital!

Schedule your renewal review today!