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SupplyBank 1000

SupplyBank 1000

The SupplyBank 1000 smart cabinet is a great solution for practices with three or more veterinarians. Its deep-set doors allows you to store a large amount of low security items, like pharmacy medication and surgical supplies. With automated dispensing, you can easily track inventory levels and patient accounts are automatically billed, eliminating the risk for missed charges.

When paired with the CUBEX Mini or CUBEX MiniPlus, you can increase efficiency by having multiple access points throughout your practice. You’ll also ensure proper storage for high security items like controlled substances. With a flexible monthly subscription, the SupplyBank 1000 smart cabinet is a great way to begin automated dispensing for low security items like pharmacy medication and supplies.

Business Features

  • Maximize profit with up to $83 per doctor, per day when paired with the CUBEX MiniPlus
  • Maximize efficiency with fully automated controlled substance logs
  • Maximize safety by separating different strengths of the same drug
  • Maximize efficiency with automatic re-ordering requests
  • Maximize profit with automatic billing to patient accounts

With a single column cabinet, the SupplyBank 1000 smart cabinet transforms your traditional medication and supply storage by holding what would be 40 feet of shelving, in one central location. This ultimately increases your storage density by 800%. In addition to more efficient storage, the SupplyBank 1000 monitors your on-hand medication and supply inventory, and automatically places a re-order when stock is low.

  • 48 sq. ft. of shelf space, in a footprint of less than 7 sq. ft.
  • Fingerprint ID access
  • Access to medications in 15 seconds
  • Automated re-ordering of items
  • High-density storage
  • Single column cabinet
  • Lighted door compartments
  • 10.5” color touch-screen
  • Pull-out, full-size keyboard with a medication draw platform
  • Configurable door zones with glass panels for larger items
  • Configurable layout (standard comes with 3 doors and 1 standard height supply drawer)

The SupplyBank 1000 features door zones that provide enough storage to accommodate a practice’s entire pharmacy, as well as several supply items. It also has a supply drawer for dispensing smaller items that are needed within the pharmacy, like syringes and pill bottles.




We have a wide range of drawers to accommodate your practice needs, including spacious supply drawers and QLocks. Discover our various drawer options below.

  • Supply Drawers: Low security compartments for commonly accessed pharmacy items like antibiotics.
  • QLock: Attaches to a refrigerator of any size to create managed space for vaccines, diagnostics, and other items that need to be refrigerated.



Extra Storage


Additional storage cabinets are available to accommodate your practice’s inventory management needs. Our storage cabinets are intended to only provide extra storage space and do not come with a user interface to dispense medications or supplies. Because of this, you must already have a CUBEX smart cabinet set up in your practice.

SupplyBank 1000 Auxiliary | Extra StorageSupplyBank 1000 Auxiliary

  • 48 sq. ft. of shelf space, in a footprint of less than 7 sq. ft.
  • Fingerprint ID access
  • Automated re-ordering of items
  • High-density storage
  • Single column cabinet
  • Transparent doors
  • Lighted door compartments
  • Pull-out keyboard with a medication draw platform
  • Configurable layout (standard comes with 3 doors and 1 standard height supply drawer)

Dimensions (in)

Dimensions (cm)

Weight (lbs | kgs)

79.5” H x 31” W X 28” D 202cmH x 132cmW x 79cmD 370lbs | 168kgs
Cloud Icon

Integrated Cloud-Based Software

All CUBEX solutions include our HIPPA compliant, cloud-based software that works with most other practice management systems. Our software communicates patient information and prescribed medications to your inventory cabinets, ensuring the correct medication and dosage is administered. Once the medication has been removed from the drawer, charges are automatically applied to patient bills, inventory counts are updated, and DEA logs are accurate. Inventory tracking and DEA reports are always available for viewing online at

For an additional fee, Prescription Monitoring Program reports can be automatically submitted to your state agency.

How It Works

In just seconds, your staff can easily access medications and supplies without needing to stop and manually record which items were used. After logging in with the fingerprint ID and selecting a medication, the SupplyBank 1000 smart cabinet uses patient information to calculate the quantity to remove from the drawer, and automatically updates inventory levels to avoid overstock and stockouts. This secure and simple process keeps your practice safe, efficient, and profitable.

Enable fingerprint ID
Select patient & medication
Remove item from SupplyBank door zone
Remove pre-determined quantity
Place item back in SupplyBank door zone
Complete transaction and log out

Case Study: Hospital of Southwest Fort Worth

Before the Animal Hospital of Southwest Fort Worth added CUBEX solutions to their practice, they were often challenged with excessive inventory on hand and overspending on items they didn’t need. After integrating CUBEX solutions into their practice, they reduced spending on inventory, drastically reduced manual labor, and have DEA logs that are up to code.

0 %

Reduction on Inventory Spend

Minimized costs through elimination of waste and overuse.

0 %

Drop in Inventory on Hand

Automated ordering helped reduce wasted dollars on the shelf.

0 %

Decrease in Labor Costs

Moved hours away from non-revenue generating inventory tasks, and back to patient care.

$ 0

Cumulative Savings

Reduced waste and saved staff time, which drove huge dividends (through year 1).

Maximize the Health of Your Practice Today

With the SupplyBank 1000, you can condense over 40 square feet of pharmacy supplies and medications into one central area. To reserve yours today, complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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