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QBud is a wireless supply room solution unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It helps your practice run more efficiently and profitably by keeping track of what’s on the shelf it sits beneath and integrating usage information to help improve inventory accuracy, availability, and refill efficiency.

QBuds are the ideal solution for managing food and nutrition, large and bulky supplies, white goods, IV and fluid bags, and other typical supply room items. QBuds can be used as a standalone system or as an add-on option to an existing CUBEX solution. With a flexible monthly subscription, QBuds are the perfect way to get control of and organize your supply room.

Business Features

  • Maximize efficiency by eliminating manual inventory time
  • Maximize safety by improving supply availability and reducing stockouts
  • Maximize profitability by throttling overuse and expiration

QBuds can manage as many items as you like by simply pressing the “Take” or “Return” button. With its compact size, the QBud is attached directly to an existing storage or shelf. Its easy to read LCD screen shows how many of each item remain in stock, and if more is on the way. This solution is perfect for white goods in your supply room, preventatives under your front desk, and anywhere else you have items outside of CUBEX cabinets. Available in packs of 40, you can use QBuds as a standalone system or as an add-on option to an existing CUBEX solution to track as much inventory as you like.

  • 2” wide display
  • “Take” and “Return” buttons
  • Automated re-ordering of items
  • Indicates when re-order is needed
  • Indicates when an order is soon to be delivered
  • Integrates with practice management software to electronically capture all charges
  • Comes standard with 40 QBuds (additional QBuds available in packs of 20)

QBuds are a unique supply room solution that can grow with you as your inventory management needs change. Incorporate QBuds into your existing CUBEX suite of solutions or use them as a stand-alone product to organize and track your supply room items. Discover our additional products and software that can be paired with QBuds below.

  • Additional QBuds available in packs of 20
  • Q-Station: Management software designed for practices using QBud as a standalone product for stock room inventory management.
  • QLock: Attaches to a refrigerator of any size to create managed space for vaccines, diagnostics, and other items that need to be refrigerated.

Dimensions (in)

Dimensions (cm)

9/16”H x 1 10/16”W 1.42cmH x 4.12cmW
Cloud Icon

Integrated Cloud-Based Software

All CUBEX solutions include our HIPPA compliant, cloud-based software that works with most other practice management systems. QBuds communicate updated, real-time inventory levels to our cloud-based software and automatically re-orders items when stock is low. QBuds can be paired with any CUBEX cabinet, passing through updated inventory levels to the CUBEX cloud so that orders can be automatically updated.

For practices using QBud as a standalone product and don’t have additional CUBEX products, we recommend using our management platform, Q-Station. This software can connect over 500 QBuds to accurately manage and monitor your entire stock room.

How It Works

With a click of a button, you can easily keep track of and manage your supply room. The 2 inch, easy to read LCD screen allows you to quickly see what that status is for each item: quantity, low stock, re-order in progress, or re-order in route to be delivered. With this simple process, your inventory levels are always updated and monitored to avoid overstock and stockouts and improve practice efficiency.

Place the QBud below the item
Press the “Take” button when removing items
Press the “Return” button when restocking
Inventory levels are automatically updated

Maximize the Health of Your Practice Today

QBud helps efficiently manage your supply room inventory with easy-to-use “Take” and “Return” buttons in addition to automatic re-ordering. To reserve your pack of QBuds today, complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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