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Preferred Partnership Bundle

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Preferred Partnership Bundle

The CUBEX Preferred Partnership bundle features our reliable, DEA compliant resources suitable for your inventory management needs. Included are three distinct products geared towards Narcotics Safety, Pharmacy and Supply Management, and Supply Integration. With these solutions in place, your staff can reach any medication or item in 15 seconds or less without worrying about updating inventory levels or charging patient invoices.

With automatic and electronic inventory tracking, inventory levels and DEA logs are always kept up to date, reducing your chance for overstock or stock outs. Additionally, charges are automatically applied to patient invoices, removing the opportunity for a missed or inaccurate charge.

Narcotics Safety: CUBEX MiniPlus

The CUBEX MiniPlus is a great solution for busy treatment areas. With its active and backstock storage options, your staff can easily find low security items, like surgical supplies, or high security items, like controlled substances, in one spot within the treatment area.

CUBEX MiniPlus Benefits | CUBEX Preferred Partnership Bundle CUBEX MiniPlus Benefits | CUBEX Preferred Partnerships

Pharmacy & Supply Management: SupplyBank 2000

As part of the CUBEX Preferred Partnership bundle, the SupplyBank accurately tracks and monitors your pharmacy areas. Its deep-set doors and a double column layout allow you to store a large amount of low security items, like pharmacy medications and surgical supplies. Paired with the other products in the bundle, you’ll ensure proper storage for high security items like controlled substances.

Supply Integration: QBud

Included with the CUBEX Preferred Partnership bundle are QBuds, which are great for managing food and nutrition, large and bulky supplies, white goods, IV and fluid bags, and other typical supply room items. With its compact size, the QBud is attached directly to existing storage or shelf. You can manage as many items as you like by simply pressing the “Take” or “Return” button.

QBud Benefits | CUBEX Preferred Partnership Bundle QBud Benefits | CUBEX Preferred Partnership Bundle

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With the CUBEX Preferred Partnership bundle, you’ll be able to easily manage the safety, efficiency, and profitability of your practice. To reserve your bundle today, complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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