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CUBEX Flex Bundle


CUBEX Flex Bundle


The CUBEX Flex Bundle, pairing CUBEX MiniPlus Smart Cabinet with the all-new CUBEX Flex accessory, opens up a world of new possibility.

With over 64 square feet of automated shelf space spread throughout four spacious door zones and up to 7 drawer zones, the Flex Bundle adds true Pharmacy management capacity to CUBEX MiniPlus.Fluids, parasiticides, large bottles of medications, and other items not suited to drawer storage—but vulnerable to high revenue loss via missed charges—can now be wrapped into an efficient, profitable, automated CUBEX workflow.

Best of all, Flex is driven by MiniPlus’ next-generation solid-state hardware, ensuring responsive and intuitive operation.

  • Smaller footprint than current supply storage solution
  • Fully modular: multiple units can be linked together for more storage
  • Perfect fast-access companion to high-security drawer-based cabinets (ie. CUBEX MiniPlus)
  • New color to match the CUBEX MiniPlus


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Dimensions (in)

Dimensions (cm)

Weight (lbs | kgs)

79.5”H x 31”W x 28”D 202cmH x 79cmW x 71cmD 450lbs | 158kgs
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Integrated Cloud-Based Software

All CUBEX solutions include our HIPPA compliant, cloud-based software that works with most other practice management systems. Our software communicates patient information and prescribed medications to your inventory cabinets, ensuring the correct medication and dosage is administered. Once the medication has been removed from the drawer, charges are automatically applied to patient bills, inventory counts are updated, and DEA logs are accurate. Inventory tracking and DEA reports are always available for viewing online at

For an additional fee, Prescription Monitoring Program reports can be automatically submitted to your state agency.

In just seconds, your staff can easily access medications and supplies without needing to stop and manually record which items were used. After logging in with the fingerprint ID from the CUBEX MiniPlus and selecting a medication, the CUBEX Flex smart cabinet uses patient information to calculate the quantity to remove from the drawer zone, and automatically updates inventory levels to avoid overstock and stockouts. This secure and simple process keeps your practice safe, efficient, and profitable.

Enable fingerprint ID (From CUBEX MiniPlus)
Select patient and medication
Remove item from cabinet
Remove pre-determined quantity
Place item back in cabinet
Complete transaction and log out

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