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Overworked Staff?

Overworked Staff?

Hire CUBEX for inventory help, starting at $2/Hr!




What if the solution to overworked staff was to hire an additional resource to manage controlled substances and other inventory for only $2/Hr?


Hire a CUBEX! CUBEX Smart cabinets can reduce hours spent on low-value administrative time by automatically recording DEA-compliant controlled substance logs, keeping track of how much product is on hand, placing replenishment orders when stock is running low, and ensuring that each item dispensed is properly invoiced, so that medication charges aren’t missed.


The time that would have been spent on those activities by your existing employees can then be shifted to a revenue-generating CUBEX automated solution. This will allow your staff to focus on what matters most to your practice – your patients and clients.

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Dr. Mitsie Vargas shares how CUBEX generates $600,00 annually on a $19,000 ‘salary.’

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