Phoenix, AZ (March 30, 2016) – Smart Flow Sheet™ revolutionizes patient care in the veterinary practice with its electronic treatment sheets. With their cloud-based veterinary software module, Smart Flow Sheet has successfully integrated with Cubex®, a leading provider of pharmacy and supply management technology to the animal health care market, to enhance inpatient care with around-the-clock control of patients’ treatment.

The integration allows patient data to be automatically sent to Smart Flow Sheet from Cubex. This saves veterinarians and their staff valuable time by skipping the client/patient entry in both systems and reduces the chance for missed charges.

“The combination of Smart Flow Sheet and Cubex empowers our shared customers to drive greater efficiencies within their practice,” commented Anton Visser, President and CEO of Cubex. “Our focus is on making our customers more successful and this new integration does just that.”
In addition to the patient integration, development is currently underway with an order profile interface that will create a closed-loop, automated process tracking inventory usage from the time a patient is checked-in through the time they are discharged. This eliminates manual processes allowing more time for patient care while simultaneously improving the profitability of the practice.

About Cubex

Cubex is a global provider of health care products and services that help practices measurably reduce the total cost of ownership associated with pharmacy and supplies. The company develops market-leading technologies including Cubex SupplyBank™ automated dispensing systems, Cubex MedFlex™ and MedBank™ narcotic management stations, QBud™ wireless access devices, and the myQLink™ web-hosted software and business intelligence application.

About Smart Flow Sheet

Smart Flow Sheet is a cloud-based, solution focused software that optimizes veterinary workflow with the help of tablet devices and applications. Using Smart Flow Sheet, veterinarians get the benefits of automatic treatment reminders, built in calculators and cloud-based syncing technology that allows them to check in on a patient’s status from anywhere. For more information on Smart Flow Sheet, please visit