Phoenix, AZ (May 10, 2018) – Cubex®, a provider of pharmacy and supply management technology to the animal health care market, announced a new partner alliance with Victor Medical Company, the largest privately owned veterinary distributor in California, Arizona, Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest.

The partnership between Cubex and Victor Medical will provide veterinary communities with access to solutions they can turn to for best practices in inventory management while reducing DEA risk. Cubex pharmacy and supply management solutions enable veterinary practices to electronically track inventory at every step of the patient care process. Systems help capture charges that are typically missed, reduce waste, shrinkage and expired medications, and automatically send reorders to suppliers. This eliminates overstocking and stock outs, helping practices keep just the right amount of inventory on hand.

“Veterinary practices are demanding more efficient ways to manage their business and our cloud-based software and automated solutions improve the day to day management of pharmacy and supplies,” said Anton Visser, President and CEO of Cubex. “We believe this is a great value add for Victor Medical Customers.”

Victor Medical Company specializes in supplying a comprehensive range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments and animal health supplies from leading manufacturers to meet the specialized needs of veterinarians, research facilities, universities, animal shelters, boarding kennels and many other pet related businesses.
“We are very excited to be partnering with Cubex,” stated Rick Bills, Director of Sales for Victor Medical. “The inventory solutions and offerings Cubex provides will help our client base become more efficient in their day to day operations.”

About Cubex®

Cubex® is a global provider of health care products and services that help practices measurably reduce the total cost of ownership associated with pharmacy and supplies. The company develops market-leading technologies including Cubex® SupplyBank automated dispensing systems, Cubex MedFlex and MedBank narcotic management stations, QBud wireless access devices, and the myQLink Web-hosted software and business intelligence application.

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About Victor Medical Company

Victor Medical Company has been providing quality service to the west coast veterinary community since 1966. With an extensive selection of pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, and supplies along with a firm commitment to setting a higher standard of service, Victor Medical Company has emerged as a leader in veterinary distribution.

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